My Roots

I've started 14 years ago as a wedding photographer currently running a wedding photography and cinematography studio in Great Neck. Naturally my clients would reach out to me when they are ready to begin their next life adventures. I grew and learned and fell deeply in love with capturing the most emotional and sentimental moments in life, the moments that are the most important sometimes minuscule but yet so heartfelt. Eventually I started a family of my own. I understood what it takes to raise the young, the sacrifice and the devotion necessary so my child can thrive, so my family can grow lovingly and strong. I've noticed how fast time has gone by and wish I had more time with my family each passing moment. I'm sure everyone wishes the same and that is why I launched Roots & Memories in order to help you preserve the most precious memories so that you can always revisit your roots, your history, and look forward to the future.